Monday, April 18, 2011

Day two of Mom's room

I am ashamed to say I forgot my camera on Saturday so I have no before pictures.  You are going to have to trust me on the difference a coat of paint makes on a small room.  I primed and then painted.  I used valspar paint from Lowes.  I found the color online.  When I went to our local Lowes they no longer had the paint chip sample for that color - so the guy just mixed up a sample for me.  I loved it so I went with it.  It is SR910 Midsummer's dream.  Go to  to see it.  Also you can click here to order a free sample they are giving away until May 1- 1000 a day.

Today is day two and I am going to focus on laying some of the press and stick tiles.  I have some prep work first, but I think it will go pretty smooth.  I then plan to put the molding at the bottom- so wish me luck with cutting the molding.  Ha Ha- me and that little saw don't really get along yet.  Notice I said yet!

I have in mind the decor for the room but I have not purchased it all yet.  I plan to take my camera today so I will post those pictures.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day ONE of my Mom's room makeover

I am excited to finally have the time to get started on my Mom's place.  We will be working on her reading room.  I have picked out a pretty shade of green.  I have lots of work ahead of me so I hope that I can finish this project in the two days that I have alotted.  My hope is to create a space that My mom can relax, read a book and use her computer.

I love doing home projects.  I will admit I would love to be here!
Edisto!!!  I will get there soon enough... so for now I will work on my fun projects.

I will post my adventure soon!!!  So stay tuned.....