Friday, July 13, 2012

Hannah's room -so long.....

Most of my friends and family are aware of Hannah's room make over.  It all came about when Caitlin was going to college.  Their room had not been updated in about 9 years so the purple and pink had to go.

Spongebob bedding-:)

Hannah picked out the color and I knew I wanted black and white accent colors so I quickly searched for an inspiration picture.  So here it is.

I would have loved to have purchased this bed from Pottery Barn but it was not in the budget and we already had a similar platform storage bed.  I just reused what we had.

Well in order to make room for Caitlin to come back home, Hannah's room once again became Caitlin and Hannah's room.  Her two years of having the room to herself, is up.  I think she really doesn't mind.  She would rather share and have her sister back, than have the room to herself.  At least that is what she says.  stay tuned for current room pictures... it has been a project over the last few months.