Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busy Summer So Far

Already two weeks of summer gone.  Is it just me or does time go by faster when you get older???  Any way I have had a productive summer so far.  I really have not accomplished alot at home but that is fine.  I have enjoyed time with the girls- right now that is more important to me than having a spotless house.  I can never take credit for how they have grown and matured in to the wonderful young women they are.  I thank God for them.  As they get older I do find myself searching for a balance.  They no  longer need me as much - I don't mean that in a bad way.  I have spent  most of my adult life raising these girls- and I think sometimes you loose who you are.  While I do enjoy doing lots of things, My life is most joyous when my children are involved.

H has attended a Girls in Technology camp this week at PTC. (No I do not expect her to follow in my footsteps). She felt it was a bit boring , but I am happy she stuck with it.  C was my precious taxi driver and woke up early each day to make sure H made it there and back.   I do appreciate her doing that.

C and I have had a great time since she has been back from college.  I really was not sure how we would mesh since she has been away and had her full freedom.  I have been pleasantly suprised. Not sure if she will read this or not,  but she agrees totally with me.  She had her reservations about how we would get along.  If I am not mistaken we have not really had a huge argument so far.

Work took me to a wonderful Technology conference this week.  It was refreshing to see some new things, and I can't help but say I work with the most awesome group of people!!!  Can't wait to implement some of them.

I have some time off soon, so I will be digging in and showing some more of my mom's home projects, and I hope I get to one of mine. 

And in my final comments I must put a plug in for my little happy spot, The Ragpicker.  I do not know why all of a sudden I love this stuff, but I do.  Maybe its just a new thing for me to focus on.  Home blogs, pinterest, and learning my Ipad are some of my favorite things to do right now.  They take little effort- and I just enjoy them.

So until i post again take care!