Friday, February 17, 2012

Hannah's amazing Room Re-Do!

Living in a 2Br home my girls have always had to share a bedroom.  I am sure they would have loved not to have to share, but in a way I think it kept them close.  We painted their room colors of their choice 8 years ago.  Caitlin wanted Pink and Hannah wanted purple.  So we painted two walls pink and two walls purple.  Since the girls have obviously grown up alot in 8 years, we are also at a transition period.  Caitlin is off at college and Hannah has the room to herself, except for the few and far between visits from her sister.  Caitlin was 100% in support of changing the room.  So we did. 

Room Before......

Hannah picked the color for the room.  We pulled every shade of blue from the paint chips at Lowes that we thought would work.  Hannah was not happy with any of them.  Finally she decided she liked the color that was on a tag on the papasan chair we purchased from Pier 1.  The tag had a very pretty blue, that we had Lowes color match.  I carried that tag around in my pocket book for 2 months matching different items for the room.  Well here is a picture of the room when it was finished ( well at least this corner)

My inspiration picture from Pottery Barn Kids