Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Free Lamp (part 2)

Just wanted to post a quick update on the Free lamp makeover.  It was simple and lots of fun.  I had always wanted to cover a lamp shade.  Luckily I had some material that I had previously purchased.  So basically the only thing we had to purchase was the $2 can of spray paint.  So here it is.
Once I get it to its new home I will post an update to this blog entry.......  I love how it turned out.  I think C was suprised at how well it turned out.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Give a Mom a Free Lamp and......... (Part 1)

Busy week for the Madden girls.  C is packing up for college, H has her second week of band camp, and me I am wide open getting ready for the first days of the school year.  Last minute things always come up.  Well C and I ( mostly me) have been busy gathering things for the new "college" apartment.  Luckily it has all the appliances and main furniture.  We were just lacking in the area of misc items.

So enter my plea to my wonderful Facebook friends for a little help.  Within seconds of my plea for a table lamp- I had an offer. Thanks Kristin..... She tagged me in a picture of the wonderful lamp and of course I said YES!!!!  I knew I could make it work.

Here is the before picture as posted on facebook.....

How could I turn this down.  I ended up picking up this lamp, a floor lamp, some cook books, a tv and my most favorite piece of all- a drop leaf side table.  LOVE.  Kristin my dear how could you let her go?  (That will be another blog post) I am keeping it for my house.   Any way thank you so much Kristin- I appreciate every item so much.

Where was I...... I had C pick up a can of matte black spray paint.  We decided it would look better painted black to match the floor lamp that Kristin gave us.

Here it is again before I painted it.  Pay close attention to that shade.  You will not recognize the makeover .

Sorry to leave you hanging,  projects like this take a little time and I have to work on them along.   I am almost finished with the final project,,,,,,,,  Stay tuned...